steamsounds is no more...

In 2017 I decided that, after keeping the web site going for around 20 years I'd done my bit, it was time to call it a day and the site had its final update during June that year.
There's a bit more about that decision here...

To attempt to keep some of what steamsounds was all about on the internet I've been adding recordings from the CDs I had on sale as videos to a YouTube Channel. The visuals include the CD sleeve notes and a few photos (of rather variable quality I'm afraid; I used to concentrate on the sounds, remember!) but the sounds are exactly as presented on the audio CDs.You'll find about 50 hours of recordings there and there are details of the CDs in the Discography.
In due course I hope to add other unreleased material in the same format.

While the steamsounds website may be gone, it's not forgotten...

Fortunately a couple of web archive sites have been gathering copies over the years so, while there's nothing new and some of the archived copies are incomplete, you can still get access to quite a lot of material.

The British Library Web Archive generally has more complete copies of the site but only goes back to 2011

The Wayback Machine goes back to 2002 but is much less complete.

To support the web site I used to sell a few audio and mp3 CDs and there's a complete Discography available which includes many of the sleeve notes that accompanied the CDs.

If anyone, perhaps a preserved line or loco group would like to take on production of any of the CDs, please get in touch.

If you want to know a little more about what steamsounds was all about, take a look at this page and, if you'd like to contact me I'm still here and happy to answer any feedback.


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